Its pretty simple. We believe in training the individual, with structure, towards their specific goals. Do the work and you'll get the results. 

Private training:

Private training is one-on-one training with a coach and follows an individualized program that is designed after the initial introductory session is completed. Private training is recommended for all beginners, although it is not limited to beginners. Intermediate and advanced individuals use these sessions to focus on developing a particular skill or learning the major lifts often as a supplement to participating in semi-private sessions. Most new clients continue to train in private sessions until they reach proficiency with the major exercises we use in our training programs.

Semi-private training:

This session is for a small group of individuals training with one coach. Each participant has an individualized program and it is not uncommon that each participant is doing something unique during the session, though they may be doing similar things or the same things at different weights or intensities. It is not necessary to find partners to train with in order to participate in semi-private training although it is common that friends or spouses seek training together. Participation in semi-private sessions is offered to individuals that have the requisite skills necessary to perform the major lifts and movements safely.

Private training versus semi-private training

The greatest benefit of training privately is the ability to have the trainers’ undivided attention. This provides the most focused opportunity to master the major lifts and movements and address fundamental movement issues that have either caused an injury in the past or position one to be injured in the future. We are not physical therapists, however, we are trained in understanding and evaluating gross movement pattern issues that affect lifting technique. We prioritize proper technique at the foundation of all lifting no matter your current skill and fitness level. It is crucial that the integrity of your technique is as sound as possible to avoid any potential injuries short or long term. Proper technique also allows you to work harder, more efficiently and more consistently. The benefits of semi-private training include the reduced cost per session, the camaraderie felt by training alongside peers, and more flexible scheduling. Learning proper technique remains a priority in semi-private sessions but there is less time spent on learning a specific lift or movement.


All new members are required to undergo a half price introductory private session. In this session you will work out. We will assess your current skill and fitness level and evaluate goals. Once this session is completed, private training sessions or the option to begin semi-private sessions will be advised. 

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Online Training

We offer online training, both fitness and nutrition. For fees, programs, or to learn more, please contact us here.