Jaclynn Pearse

   - Cert III/IV PT (Australian Standard), 2008
   - Yoga 200 RYT, 2012
   - Yoga 200 ERYT, 2014
   - Thai Massage, 2014
   - Sports Ball Rolling Technique, 2014
   - Steve Maxwell (Kettlebell Level I), 2015
   - Steve Maxwell (Kettlebell Level II), 2015
Jaci first began her career in fitness in 2008, while training for a half marathon during grad school in Sydney, Australia. The concept of programming, dieting, and cross training to a specific goal intrigued her. That year she obtained her PT certification and was soon supplementing grad school and her early career with personal training.

In 2009 Jaci moved to NYC to take a role in management consulting and eventually, technology and design in a top NYC studio. She began to notice the changes happening in her own body and performance in response to being stationary, mostly seated, at her desk all day. After visiting massage therapists and chiropractors, Jaci wanted to know what methods were available to "self treat" the changes happening in her own body. She studied multiple forms of alignment and body restoration methods, which she now incorporates in her full time training career. 

Jaci's motto is to keep herself and her clients, "as fit as we can be for as long as we can be. I want to move well and feel well into my old age." 

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